Next Show with Hannah Fair & the DuPont Brothers

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Daphne Lee Martin
New London, CT
Forever blending genres in the legacy of the great Tin Pan Alley songwriters, Daphne takes beloved traditional southern roots sounds and runs them through megaphones, mellotron, a very old tube amp, a swamp and a dark alley or two. As always, the lyrics are fermented and distilled in a bathtub full of misfit Interbellum prose.

The DuPont Brothers
Burlington, VT
Two brothers reunite after years of geographical separation by a fortified collaboration in music. Blending the contemplative winters of the northeast with the solitary beauty of southwestern desert, Sam and Zack DuPont are now coconspirators in a shared passion that runs deep in their family. This Burlington Vermont made duo has hit the ground running since the formation of the group in March of 2013. The brothers have recently shared the stage with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Ben Sollee, Gin Wigmore, Chris Thomas King, Langhorne Slim, Howie Day and The Lone Bellow to name a few. Lush finger-style guitar work is complimented by elegant prose and a vocal blend that could only be matched by blood relation. The sound is Vermont made Folk-Americana.

Hannah Fair
East Hampton, CT
We don’t congratulate a runner when they have just started a race. No matter how great a lead they have built in the early going and how inevitable their victory seems, it’s just not the right time. Likewise, now is not the time to congratulate Hannah Fair, despite all she has accomplished already. We can celebrate, of course, the fact that she has already released a wonderful album, Open Road. We can cheer about the fact that she has recorded a live session for today’s preeminent music site, Daytrotter. And we can rejoice in the fact that she has a growing collection of new songs that we will get to hear when she reaches the next mile marker of a new album. So don’t congratulate her yet, but do watch her run the rest of the race: see her command a stage in person; sit with her records and wonder how she wrote a song just for you; listen to her switch lanes from folk to Americana to blues to something all her own, seemingly without effort. Ignore the fact that you know Hannah Fair is going to win, and enjoy watching her get to the finish line.

Off till 2015! Thanks for a great year!

Well, the year is finally winding down. So many big life changes in 2014 I can’t even count.  I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who was a part of it:

Tour-mates James Maple, Amy McCarley and Hannah Fair

Fantastic band Isaac Young, Brad Bensko, David Keith, Stephen Cusano, Thor Jensen, Danny Motta, Gary Buttery, Rob Funk, David Dorfman, and Matt Lindauer

Amazing session players that have been working so hard to help make the forthcoming releases a reality, Alison Kelley, Anjanine Bonet, Graham Thompson, Dayna Osan, Matt Covey, Julio Amaro, Craig Edwards, Michael Day, Kaia Pazdersky, Rob Zeigler, Jess Brey, Matt Ross, Andrew Camacho, Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez, Jared Horner, Sue Menhart, Bob Burt, and Matt Potter

Home Team holding down the fort at the studio and record shop while I galavant about the country Marko Fontaine, Tanner Davis, David Freeburg, and my fantastic husband Rich Martin

Rupam at Never Better and all of the radio stations across the country that added, spun and charted Frost.

The bloggers, journalists, tapers and everyone who wrote about, documented, helped book, played on, or came to the shows. So so so many of you amazing peeps!



12/12 show with Ron Gallo!

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.21.53 PMYep, me and this guy are doing it up right at The Oasis Pub on December 12th! I will be trotting out a few new songs from the forthcoming album #FallOnYourSword and Ron will be melting faces as usual.  Here’s the event page for more details!

Ron’s new album is just wonderful. You can check out his new music in all kinds of places on the interwebs, but here’s a new video…

Ryan’s Smashing Life debuts ‘Ambulance’ (TV On the Radio)

TV on the Radio – Ambulance (The Daphne Lee Martin cover)

THE RIGHT COVERAGE – Set to release on the same day as TV on the Radio‘s long-awaited new album, this is the World Premiere of this most worthy TVOTR cover by Connecticut songstress DAPHNE LEE MARTIN. On the track, Martin is accompanied by Graham Thompson (guest co-vocals) and David Keith (drums). All other parts are covered and recorded by Daphne herself.
Meet Daphne – After a whirlwind affair with roots music, garnering her several songwriting and performance awards, including CT Music Awards’ 2012 Country Artist of the Year and Whalie Awards’ Album of the Year, Daphne Lee Martin is back in force with a new collection of songs on her latest pair of records, Frost & Moxie (Telegraph Recording Company). Since its release, the albums have been featured on The Needle Drop, Rolling Stone contributor Eric Danton’s Listen, Dammit, NPR’s Where We Live, No Depression, WTNH’s CT Style, The Day’s Live Lunch Break, and Boston Dig, Surviving the Golden Age, Daytrotter, Radio K, as well as a number of other national blogs and zines. Moxie charted in the Top 200 CMJ weekly chart (with over 45 adds) and was included in Under the Radar’s official SXSW Sampler followed by three national tours including SXSW. In 2014 Daphne was nominated in the New England Music Awards for Female Performer of the Year as well as the CT Music Awards Singer/Songwriter of the Year.What’s Next? More covers before the release of a new album of Daphne Lee Martin songs. “This is the 3rd cover release in a series, there are at least 3 more coming over the next few months,” writes Daphne, adding she intends to tease audiences with a forthcoming album, Fall On Your Sword (2015). Definitely One To Watch.

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Frost review from the Valley Advocate

Jet Engines, by Amy McCarley, and Frost, by Daphne Lee Martin

This weekend, Amy McCarley and Daphne Lee Martin perform at Luthier’s Co-op in Easthampton in support of their new albums, Jet Engines and Frost, respectively.

“Everybody Wants To,” the first track from Alabama alt-country artist McCarley’s Jet Engines, begins with a philosophical inquiry into the nature of individuality and universality. She states that there are certain desires shared by everyone, then sings in her low alto: “Well I’m not everybody/ I’m just me/ But I am one body/ and anyone can see/ Everybody needs to believe in something/ And everybody is no different from me.”

McCarley plays acoustic guitar on all 10 of the album’s tracks. Her harmonica work lends an especially relaxed mood throughout, as does the guitar playing of George Bradfute, who sits in with his electric on “Smart Man,” and his slide on “Head Out of Town.”

After listening to McCarley, Martin’s indie offering Frost sounds especially synthesized—not in a bad way—with William James Readey using his keyboards to do an impressive impression of a samchillian tip tip tip cheeepeeeee. (The space age-sounding samchillian is a keyboard MIDI controller designed by Leon Guenbaum, who plays it so effectively in guitarist Vernon Reid’s band Masque.)

Frost begins with “Little Birds,” which is full of samchillian-esque sounds, before segueing into “The Book of Love,” the album’s only cover. The Magnetic Fields tune has also been covered by Peter Gabriel. The middle three tracks—”Make It Rain,” “More Flies With Honey,” and “Smile at Perfect Strangers”—show Martin’s jazzy blues side. “Five Points,” the eighth and final song, is an upbeat, electronica instrumental.

Ohio native and schooner veteran Martin sings and plays electric and acoustic guitar, banjo, flute, and other “sounds,” the album’s inside cover notes. Beneath the CD hold there is a stenciled quote: “Treat a queen like a whore and a whore like a queen,” which Mickey Doyle offered in Boardwalk Empire, just as Frank had in Alien 3.

(Originally appeared in the Valley Advocate.)