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NPR’s Where We Live – Feb 1, Live with Daphne at the Telegraph

It’s our yearly trip to our favorite little seaport town. Home to a DIY art and music scene that seems to grow every year.  And today, we’re coming to you live from The Telegraph. It’s a record shop, used bookstore and performance space owned by Daphne Lee Martin and her husband, Rich Martin.

Daphne has been a fixture on the Connecticut music scene for years with her bands Raise the Rent and Roadside Attractions.  She was voted “Best Country Artist” at last year’s Connecticut Music Awards.  Her brand new record, Moxie is an altogether different affair. Less a collection of songs – more a soundtrack to a wild burlesque show.  Underwater, dreamy vocals, you hear reggae beats under New Orleans horns….bossa nova…honky tonk…Gypsy and swing….all in a late-night cabaret.  We’ll be hearing this new music played live – right here at The Telegraph. Later, we’ll be talking more about the music scene in New London, about the “vinyl  revival” – and we hope you can join us.

Lila Call

Daphne and Rich Martin
Photo:Lila Call

Bill Reaey
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Matt Lindauer
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Bob Burt
Photo:Lila Call
Daphne Lee Martin’s Moxie

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Daphne Lee Martin’s Moxie


Winter Warmer | Trio of Songbirds at the Outer Space January 10th!


Suzie Brown | If Suzie Brown had an anthem, it’d have to be the twangy “Heartstrings,” off her same-named debut. A string-soaked ode to unrequited love, the debut single delicately marked her transition

from Harvard-educated cardiologist to singer-songwriter, now musing on matters of the heart. In the three years since making good on her extracurricular activity, she’s been named the Best of Philly (by Philadelphia magazine) and opened for such kindred spirits as Lyle Lovett. And if her name doesn’t ring a bell, her first single will: Picked up by the Play Network, “Heartstrings” can currently be heard soulfully wafting through stores nationwide.


Jenee Halstead | Jenee Halstead grew up in the high desert of Spokane, Washington, the daughter of hippie parents who let her find her own direction. She spent her childhood exploring her mother’s garden and singing along to records with her Dad. In middle school, she transformed into the rarest ofbirds; an athletic choir geek who sang medieval choral works, but loved Led Zeppelin and Dolly Parton. She wrote quietly on her own for years, moving from place to place – Spokane to Seattle to nowhere Alaska, before moving to Boston in 2007. She collected all of her songs into what would become The River Grace. Her newest album, Raised By Wolves, reclaims the careless freedom of her childhood with a sense of wonder that is unique and fiercely engaging.

And of course, Daphne Lee Martin‘s new record Moxie, to be released in January, takes Daphne’s beloved traditional southern roots sounds and runs them through megaphones, mellotron, a very old tube amp, a swamp and a dark alley or two. As always, the lyrics are fermented and distilled in a bathtub full of misfit Interbellum prose. This show will be the acoustic shakedown of her new band with members of M.T. Bearington, Fake Babies, Milksop:Unsung, and Sugarbat.

Join us at the wonderful Outer Space, a beautiful Bohemian-style listening room with tons of craft beers and cozy seating. RSVP here!