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“Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime” has a rich history. Originally recorded by UK band, the Korgis in 1980, the track found chart success across Europe and the US. In the 90s a cover version by Yazz found success in the UK and in the 2000s a version by Zucchero & Vanessa Carlton charted in France. In the US, the most well known version might be Beck‘s cover which appeared on the soundtrack for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. That version is what Daphne Lee Martin cites as the basis for her cover.

Daphne Lee Martin’s deep, soulful vocals gives the cover its emotional edge but the arrangement is perhaps most surprising. Beginning with acoustic guitar and piano, you may think this is going to be a stripped down, raw cover. Drums and organ are added filling out the mix. Going into the chorus, violin is added which largely gets you up to pace with Beck’s take on the song. During the chorus flourishes of trumpet appear courtesy of Danny Motta. The added horns give “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime” a Burt Bacharach/Elvis Costello feel and makes Daphne Lee Martin’s version of the track a worthwhile addition to the canon.

Folk Radio UK Premiere’s ‘Reciprocity’ duet with Eric Lichter (Loudon Wainwright iii Cover)

Premiere: Daphne Lee Martin - Reciprocity (+ Song of the Day)Premiere: Daphne Lee Martin – Reciprocity (+ Song of the Day)

by on 10 MARCH, 2015


Our Song of the Day is a premiere from Daphne Lee Martin with her new cover single “Reciprocity”, a song some of you may recall came from the pen of Loudon Wainwright III which featured on his T Shirt album from 1976.

Daphne Lee Martin has clearly given a lot of thought to the songs she’d like to cover and her reasons for covering this song just emphasise her admirable approach:

I chose this cover because I grew up listening to the more comic songs of Loudon Wainwright iii and when I stumbled on a vinyl copy of the T Shirtalbum and gave it a spin, I was completely struck by the depth and darkness of the lyrics in this piece. When I asked around, it seemed like hardly anyone had even heard the song, let alone covered it. It’s a tremendous piece of writing and I hope that more people will discover his more obscure catalog.

In this instance she not only delivers a very fine version accompanied by Eric Michael Lichter, owner of Dirt Floor Studios in Chester, CT. but together they breathe new life into it. The song is one of a series of stand alone covers, set to release this spring.

The T Shirt album was, for want of a better explanation, released at the wrong time when the music climate was shifting to punk rock. A narrow-minded journalist on Rolling Stone added fuel to the fire by slaying it in a review that reportedly saw Loudon take to his bed for 5 days. Time has healed that wound and it has since been re-mastered but what better measure of a song then to see a young talent like Daphne Lee Martin cover it out of a genuine love of the songwriting.

For those who need their memories refreshing on the original, how about this live 1977 performance on the Old Grey Whistle Test.